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Ab P. Grootjans

Ab P. Grootjans is treasurer of ERA since 2007

I am affiliated to two Dutch Universities: The University of Groningen, which is my home base, and the Radboud University of Nijmegen, where I teach as is visiting professor in Ecohydrology.

At the University of Groningen I worked for more than 40 years and I developed eco-hydrological approaches to analyse damaged wetlands. I was engaged in numerous restoration projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Eastern Germany. Poland , Slovakia, and South-Africa.

Currently I am working at the Centre of Energy and Environmental Studies (IVEM, University of Groningen), where I work on greenhouse gas emissions from drained peatlands, integrated water management and dynamic coastal management.

In the framework of ERA a carry out quick-scan Landscape Ecological Evaluations (LESA’s ).  These imply short visits of 1-5 days to areas where restoration activities are being planned or considered, but an evaluation of eco-hydrological conditions on the landscape scale is needed to make the restoration process successful.  I carried out such landscape evaluations in the Netherlands on a regular basis, in Poland (since 1995), South-Africa (since 2004), Japan, 2001, 2007), Tiera del Fuego, Argentina (2005, 2007), Latvia, (2008,2009), England and Wales, (2011, 2013), France, 2012, 2014, Switzerland (2012), Russia, (2013, 2015), Australia (2013), Cuba, (2015), Ethiopia (2013, 2015) and Georgia (2016).