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Evert Jan Lammerts

Evert Jan Lammerts is secretary of ERA since 2007

I am working as a senior ecologist at Staatsbosbeheer. This organization is commissioned by the Dutch government to manage a sizeable amount of the nature reserves in the Netherland. My focus is on the landscape ecology of coastal areas, especially on the way characteristic species and related biodiversity relate to natural processes such as sedimentation, erosion and changing flows of groundwater and surface water (fresh, brackisch and salt).

In the nineties I have worked with many colleagues on the implementation of the national Nature Management Plan (1990) in the Province of Friesland including the Wadden Sea area. In the same period I worked at the University of Groningen on my thesis on the ecohydrological characteristics of dune slacks on the Wadden Sea islands (1999).

Since 2000 I coordinate multidisciplinairy research on sandy coastal ecosystems in teams of ecologists, geomorphologists, hydrologists and specialists of coastal management authorities, as well in informal groups as in the coastal expertteam within the OBN-framework (Knowledge Network for Restoration and Management of Nature in The Netherlands). This has led to increasing awareness of the importance of approaching coastal ecosystems on different temporal and spatial scales. Such an orientation is indispensible to cope with todays challenges related to accelerated sea level rise and compensating measures such as frequent sand nourishments and concrete defense structures along large coastal trajectories.