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Renée M. Bekker

Renée M. Bekker is chair of ERA since 2007

I am affiliated to the University of Groningen, where I worked since 1991 at the Plant Ecology department as community ecologist and from where I joined the Groningen Institute of Archaeology since 2012 as associate member of palaeobotany.

With ERA we can bring knowledge and people together to create and support opportunities for applied restoration ecology projects with our knowledge and we gather more insights in the functioning of natural communities. I am convinced that a better understanding  of our natural environment will result in a better care and a more sustainable use of these resources.

My expertise lies in the scientific fields of ecology, seed biology and restoration ecology which I try to combine with organizational skills and practical and creative problem solutions. We most often achieve results by facilitating the cooperation of a group of enthusiastic knowledgeable people. Both in projects or together with the expertteam on brook valley systems within the OBN-framework (Knowledge Network for Restoration and Management of Nature in The Netherlands) or with local experts abroad.

In the framework of ERA with a group of authors we publish a series of books within the Digital Plant Atlas project, and I still organize professional courses in seed biology and identification.