Digitale Zadenatlas van Nederland

The Digital Plant Atlas Project is an international project that makes a unique contribution to the identification of seeds, fruits, roots, tubers, bulbs, stem fragments, leaves, flowers, buds and resins. The plant parts are illustrated with high-quality colour photographs and accompanied by a scale and their scientific name. The local names in various languages are included in an index. The Digital Plant Atlas project contains atlases and handbooks. Every atlas is published as a combination of book and website. In 2006, the Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands appeared.

Handboek Zaden & Vruchten

Within the Digital Plant Atlas Project we have published the handbook: Handboek voor de Determinatie van Zaden en Vruchten in 2013.

De Natuur van de Kust

In 2015 ERA coordinated the publication of a Dutch book (“De Natuur van de Kust”) summarizing recent knowledge based on actual ecological research in Dutch coastal areas. It was a common product written by members of the expert team “Dunes and Coastal areas” of OB+N, the Knowledge Network for Restoration and Management of Nature in The Netherlands.

Digital Atlas of Economic Plants

The Digital Plant Atlas forms a part of the National Reference Collection (NRc) with over 20.000 accessions of seeds, fruits and well-conserved plant parts from all over the world.

The volume Digital Atlas of Economic Plants appeared in 2010 within this series.

Manual Seeds and Fruits

In 2014 the handbook appeared in English as A Manual for the Identification of Plant Seeds and Fruits.

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Economic Plants in Archaeology

The Digital Atlas of Economic Plants in Archaeology followed in 2012.